Who we are

We are a Guernsey family business who pride ourselves in adopting the best of traditional methods combined with quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible. You can find Golden Guernsey Soap in gift shops and we regularly attend local events and markets. We also produce guest soaps ideal for Hotels and Guest Houses or even the spare room.

Golden Guernsey Goat Milk Soap

We are proud to be part of a thriving community of artisans in Guernsey who are producing quality hand crafted and home grown produce and gifts. And even prouder that we are supporting the rare breed Golden Guernsey Goat by helping ensure this gentle breed survives by farming them in ways that suit their characteristics. Their beautifully creamy milk is ideal for soap making, producing a cleansing soap that can be used on delicate skin and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Handmade in Guernsey

If you are visiting the Channel Islands you may find us at an Agricultural Show, Heritage Festival, or one of Guernsey’s vibrant Sea Front Sunday Markets put on to raise money for local charities. All are wonderful events show casing Guernsey traditional crafts and talents.

You will also find a number of gift shops, pharmacies and supermarkets that favour locally produced craft. See our stockists.

We Deliver and Ship to UK and Europe