Our Range of Soap and Shampoo

Our soap is left to cure for 4-6 weeks

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Our beautifully creamy soap has been specially formulated to produce a soap that can be used on delicate skin and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, but gives a cleansing luxurious lather.

We use the ‘cold process’ method of making soap, by mixing pomace olive oil, coconut oil cacao butter, castor oil, and tallow with an alkali mixture of lye mixed with raw goat milk. We then sometimes add fragrance colour and other goodies such as local seaweed or Guernsey Honey, pour into moulds to set for 48 hours before turning out to cure for 4-6 weeks. We do not add any chemicals to create any extra ‘soapy’ qualities, as, we are sure you will agree, our carefully balanced formula does not need them!
As you enjoy our soap you join us in helping sustain this rare breed Golden Guernsey Goat and the traditional craft of soap making.

Choose from…

Pure Soaps

These soaps are free from fragrances and colour. We use a less refined cocoa butter that gives a chocolatey aroma to these soaps. Suitable for the most sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The Honey adds to the moisturising and soothing quality of the lather. A favorite for people who want to use healthy natural products for themselves and their family.

Natural Soap

Natural Soap

A pure soap allergen free, no colour or fragrance added.

Guernsey Honey

Honey Soap

Natural Soap with Guernsey Honey, allergen free.

Floral Soap

Calming allergen free Lavender, ideal for a long soak in the bath after an exhausting, stressful day. Or Sarnia Chérie with a romantic fragrance of fresh roses, also allergen free. A tribute to the flora of Guernsey.

Fruity Soap

Lemon Fizz for that exhilarating morning shower or deliciously perfumed allergen free Strawberry. Fresh fun fragrances popular with children and the young at heart.


Lavender Soap

Calming lavender fragrance, allergen free.

Sarnia Cherie

Sarnia Rose Soap

Fresh Rose Fragrance allergen free.


Lemon Soap

Fresh fruity lemon fizz fragrance.


Strawberry Soap

Strawberry fragrance, allergen free

Ocean Soap

Both the sea themed soaps contain seaweeds harvested from Guernsey shores. Bijou de la Maïr with local dried kelp has a sandalwood and vanilla fragrance and Sea Breeze a blue soap with dried green sea lettuce. These soaps are great for the whole family.


10 x 15g various soaps individually wrapped and presented in an organza bag perfect for Hotels and Weddings and hand cut bars.

Bijou de la Mair

Bijou de la Mair Soap

Sandalwood and Vanilla fragrance with kelp

Sea breeze

Sea Breeze

Blue embossed soap with sea lettuce

Guest Soap

Guest Soap


Hotels and Guest Houses.

Hand Cut Bars

Hand cut bars

Special requests

If you have any special requests for corporate gifts, wedding favours or personalised gift soap I would be pleased to offer a quotation for your specific requirement.
If you would be interested in selling our soap we would be pleased to discuss terms.
Please email [email protected] for further information